Social Media Consultancy
Following your brand on the internet with positive, reporting on the negative returns, performing the community management by producing special content platforms. Developing digital strategies to protect the reputation of the brand and preparing viral video scenarios and productions for supporting social media efforts.
Online Campaign Practices
Facebook applications for the campaign which is based on the product and brand, during certain periods, Microsite, advergame, blog pages, mailing and developing banners practices. Reporting on return.
Corporate Web Site
Creating web pages for institutional needs, which demonstrates your view point, improved and measurable results and to directly reach your destination.
Mobile Marketing
Development of iphone, ipad and android applications to support the perform of digital media marketing communications...

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Thaizenn - Olivier Chauffour photographe amateur dans le maine et loire. Photo amateur, concert, mariage, macro, nu, noir et blanc...
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Vangardis - Vangardis multimédia, créations graphiques, créations de sites internet, créations sonores, photographie, design...
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Publicité - Artistic nude photos from the world. Nude photos | Nude photos with a soul. Here you can find artistic pictures of beautiful women.
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